Clothing Perfection and Performance




Understanding the needs of each client is essential.
Our aim is to provide a bespoke service to each company.
Whether you are a startup with no experience of the clothing industry or an established brand looking for expertise, we have a solution for you.
Quotes are submitted either based on a daily or per project basis.



“Sarah’s skills were invaluable to us when we were working on a specialised cycle wear range. Her experience, sourcing, contacts, knowledge & expertise were all fundamental in successfully launching what was a challenging collection in a short space of time and with limited resources. Thank you Sarah.”
– Isabelle Rudman
Product Manager


“Sarah is professional and knowledgeable. She has a wide product knowledge and a great deal of expertise on fitting and technical details.”
– Amanda McCullough
Technical Manager


Sarah is a highly motivated and organised product manager who keeps up to date with the latest innovations and fabrics, and understands how best to execute products, she is a team player and a great person to work with.
– Ffion Appleton Jones
Design Consultant Head

Sportwear consultancy was set up to provide a flexible approach to clients needs. It was founded by Sarah Cuthbert who has over 30 years experience and was at the forefront of the industry. She has a comprehensive knowledge of the business from Design and Pattern cutting to textile technology and product management, with a network of sources globally. She attends all major trade fairs to make sure she keeps up to date with developments in the industry. Sarah is passionate about Sportswear Performance Clothing and is lucky enough to make her passion her career.